Online Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Thank you all for joining our online Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 28 May. LNCC chairman Tom O. Kleppesto, moderator of the AGM, and managing director Simona Simonaviciute were pleased to welcome you and host this event in a new way – we now had members and guests from various parts of Lithuania, Helsinki and London with us, which has never happened before.

Special thank you to representatives from DNB Bank and our board members Bjørnar Lund and Hans Petter Evensen, as well as your colleague Stian Fjeldstad Eriksen, for sharing your insights about covid-19, Norwegian covid-19 stimuli packages and the coming new normal.

A big THANK YOU to our co-founder and board member since the start in 2014, Jorn Lein-Mathisen from Oslo International Hub, who left the board and a big WELCOME to our new board member Linas Butnorius from Trest Interiør AS. Then we only have two co-founders left in the board, Tom and Martin Bodd, and that’s the way it should be: Renew, or die. Engage, or perish.

2020 is a strange year for sure, and we don’t really know what lies ahead, but one thing is more certain than anything else: There will definitely be another JULEBORD in December