Make Oceans Blue Again

This was a theme for the event arranged 2nd year in a row by Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo during Oslo Innovation Week 20019

Exclusive “Oslo Innovation Week” invitation to arrange such event LPO club received after last year’s huge success – at that time LPO showcased Lithuania as an exceedingly modern and innovative country. Last year LPO together with partners went bold in two events and their topics: “A shortcut to wellbeing via AR/VR + Gaming” and “CryptoSociety: Are we ready?”. During which a number of speakers and scientists from Lithuania impressed the audience by presenting the unseen application of their developed technologies and solutions. The all-day conference (both events) was nicely wrapped up and all chairs kicked out with amazing edutainment (education and entertainment) session “This is Connection” performed by a well-known Lithuanian-Columbian performer Jurgis Didžiulis.

All events, seminars, and conferences during “Oslo Innovation Week” are organized based on “Dugnad” (eng. voluntary work) principle, where independent organizers come up with their topics they want to develop during their events and after approval, they select cases, presenters, and speakers on their own. Yet, all the event topics have to discuss at least one of 17 Sustainable Development Goals implemented by the United Nations. Therefore, this year the speakers during “Make Oceans Blue Again” will present and discuss in a panel to follow, their suggestions and achievements on revitalizing our oceans.