Generally, we are super flexible, but we also feel that some ground has to be set.

What LPO membership means? It means that by being a member you are also part of our community which works towards creating as much value as possible to all our members. It can be better pricing (if not free) to events, access to arrangements that are “by invitation only” which gives you a great opportunity to network, you name it. Additionally, we also strive to get even more “perks” as for example better prices to co-working spaces and etc.
Follow here to read more about benefits.

A boring part…

– The full-year membership lasts from 1st of January till the 31st of December;
– 1/2 year membership lasts till the 30th of June or from the 1st of July;
– The Club is run by volunteers, yet there are costs (renting venues, equipment, etc.).
Thus, to cover them, we seek your support by offering:

  • Full Year membership – 1000,- NOK (paid within 7th of January)
  • Half Year membership – 600,- NOK (paid within 7th of July)

– The payments we ask to make within the period mentioned above;
– We normally send reminders via email;
– You can call yourself a member after receiving confirmation from LPO Committee and paying for your membership;
– The membership can be withdrawn at any time by sending us a message;
– There is no refunding possible