What it means to be a member of LPO

It means only great things to be part of the LPO community, but we also account for that all our members share the following:

● Professionalism
● Networking
● Mentorship
● Integrity
● Engagement

Follow here to read more about benefits.

Some practical info:

  • The full-year membership lasts from 1st January till the 31st of December;
  • All LPO club members volunteer and contribute by yearly membership fee (collected funds are used for running the club, renting venues, equipment, etc); The plans and budgets to be presented during General LPO Members meetings;
  • Membership fee for the year of 2023 – 1000,- NOK (invoice sent via email);
  • You can call yourself a member after receiving confirmation from LPO Committee and paying for your membership; After that, you will be invited into all our internal and external communication channels;
  • The membership can be withdrawn at any time by sending us a message via email. We just note there is no refund possible.