LPO membership provides:

  • Access to LPO and LNCC network spanning in both countries;
  • Privileged access to LPO and LNCC events, workshops
    (including “by invitation only”);
  • Privileged access to our partners’ events;
  • Better pricing for services relevant to all professionals
    (more details to come soon);
  • Constant update via our and GLL’s newsletters;
  • Opportunity to join or find mates for your own team;
  • United voice tend to be heard better

    More soon to come…

Who are our members?

  • we only now started formalizing our memberships, thus the members’ list is to be released after NY;
  • Yet, we can say:
    – English is our communication language;
    – various professional backgrounds, business, and academia
    – located (incl. expats) in the Greater Oslo Region;
    – passionate about bilateral cooperation in business, culture, and academia;

By the way, there are some rules to follow.

Read LPO membership rules here.