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Connecting Businesses and Professionals between Norway and Lithuania

Why become a LNCC member?

If you need a trustworthy and competent partner in your business endeavours, then you should consider becoming a part of the LNCC. Joining us opens the doors to Norwegian market, networking events, insights into the market and membership benefits.

Lncc networking event

Membership Benefits


LNCC membership give you credibility as a trustworthy business partner.

Business delegations

Support when organizing company visits, streamlining your business expansion efforts.


LNCC showcase your company’s name on our website and various marketing materials, amplifying your visibility.


Benefit from exclusive discounts on LNCC events and services, as well as those offered by our partners.

Network and Referrals

Be apart of an dynamic and proficient business network. LNCC prioritize recommending our members, giving you a head start in building valuable connections.

Local Partner

LNCC is your local partner in Norway to help create long-term commitments and partnerships.

Becoming an LNCC member will help you to unlock a world of opportunities and support for your business endeavors!

Some practical info

  • A candidate for membership must sign a written membership agreement. The membership must be approved by the board. The LNCC secretariat shall keep a list of all its members.
  • The full-year membership lasts from 1st January till the 31st of December.
  • You will be invited into all our internal and external communication channels after your membership is confirmed by the board and membership invoice has been paid.
  • A member must give written notification to the LNCC secretaria before the end of December if the member concerned wishes to cancel their membership.

 Membership Fee

Company Category

Large companies

SMEs (small & medium)

Start-ups first 2 years incl. year founded  

Turnover Euro

More than 1 mill 

Less than 1 mill 


5,000 NOK

3,000 NOK

1,000 NOK

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