REFOCUS: Leadership Conference for Executives

The pandemic years were both an immense challenge and a grand change accelerator. We learned that only the ones who are willing to change are successful. The direction of change likewise became evident: it leads towards resilience, flexibility, sustainability, speed of reaction and problem solving.

These are the main topics of leadership conference for Executives REFOCUS. In this one-day conference, leaders of Norwegian and Lithuanian organizations will share their experiences in strengthening business immunity and building resilience, and will search for the necessary ingredients of an effective hybrid work schedule in their keynotes, panel discussions and networking sessions.

Main topics:

  • How to create resilience as a business model and strategy
  • How to carry out transformations without arousing hostility to change
  • How to change ourselves as leaders to foster a culture of collaboration and resilience in the organization
  • How to employ sustainability as a foundation for business resilience

Refocus. Restart. Reinvent. Stay Resilient.

Register and learn more about the conference here:

The conference is funded by the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms Bilateral Cooperation Fund.