Key to successful business – conveying and convincing presentations

Oslo International Hub and Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with DNB, is inviting you to a seminar/workshop with DNB on how to make a solid presentation.

NB! This event is primarily for Oslo International Hub and LNCC members. The number of seats is limited, therefore “first-come, first-served” principle applies.

Register for the event: HERE
After the event we continue with the Friday Social in the house and participants are welcome to join.

Key to successful business – conveying and convincing presentations

Ins and outs of making presentations that your readers, listeners and audience will remember. Insiders knowledge delivered by DNB startup enthusiasts.

With insight from working in Norway’s largest financial institution DNB, David and Marius shares their knowledge about how to get through with your message, may it be a business idea, for a loan application or in project management.

The seminar concentrates on three parts:

·   Theory – The pyramid principle, structuring the message, organization of arguments and active headers.

·   How to structure presentations – Storyboarding, key questions to ask yourself, and use of the pyramid principle in practice.

·   The power of a Powerpoint slide – tips & tricks, illustrations, presentation vs. documentation slides.

We cannot promise that you will become a communication expert after this seminar, but you will be given a set of tools that will help you take your presentations to the next level.

The seminar will have a mixture of lecture, discussion, and exercises and you are expected to actively participate in the session.
David Scheuer
David SheuerDavid currently works with credit analysis for DNB’s Shipping, Offshore & Logistics clients. Prior, as a business development manager, he has been running projects and trainings on behalf of DNB’s top management responsible for the Baltic operations. He holds a German degree (equivalent to a Master) in Business and Economics. David has an entrepreneurial mind set and is constantly seeking the new experiences, may it be web page development or a new sport.


Marius Styczen
Marius StyczenMarius works as a Senior Business Developer for DNB Baltics with a wide array of different tasks. Financial analysis, corporate governance, strategy and communication to mention a few. Marius has for long pursued an international oriented career and has both worked and studied abroad. Marius holds an M.Sc. in Financial Economics from NHH and Master in Management from CEMS. Marius is an entrepreneurial spirit and has recently started his own company in his spare time.