Entrepreneurship culture among Lithuanians in Norway

Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Oslo International Hub is welcoming to a discussion meeting on how to build the entrepreneurship culture among the Lithua??????????????????nians in Norway.

Lithuanians are the 3rd biggest immigrant group in Norway. According to SSB there are near 50.000 Lithuanians in Norway. Lithuanians are also one of the most educated nations in Europe:
  • 1st in the EU: 93% of population have secondary or higher education,
  • 3rd in the EU: 51% of population aged 24-34 have a university degree,
  • 16th in the World: quality of math and science education
  • 52% of population speaks at least 2 foreign languages

Many of the Lithuanians that are in Norway has higher education and work experience from their home country that is not fully capitalised in Norway. Norway is lacking experienced and educated specialist. Many of these specialists are already in the country, but their knowledge is not exploited due to the lack of the Norwegian language skills or because specialists lack the professional network in Norway.

It is brain-drain for Lithuania and brain-waste for Norway.

Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (LNCC) would like to invite all interested parties to discuss this issue and see how LNCC with partners could assist both Lithuanians specialists in Norway and Norway itself to capitalise the existing competence in the country.

  • Opening note by Vita Melinauskaite, Managing Director, Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
  • Giedrius Statulevicius, Serial Entrepreneur, sharing his experiences of entering the entrepreneurship culture and environment in Norway.
  • Jørn Lein-Mathisen, Oslo International Hub – Challenges and advantages when starting your own company.
  • Discussion and Workshop “How to build an entrepreneurship culture among the Lithuanians in Norway”, moderated by Jørn Lein-Mathisen, Managing Director, Oslo International Hub

TIME: 17:00-19:00 13.10.2104, during Oslo Innvation Week
PLACE: Dronning Mauds gt 11, Oslo