Bjørnar Lund (Board Member)

International experience through DNB in Singapore (1997-2001), Poland (Q1 2011) and Lithuania/Baltic (2011-2017). Experience in change management, organizational and cultural change processes in Norway and internationally. Experience in both retail and corporate banking.

Hans Petter Evensen (Board Member)

Mr. Evensen is a Senior Vice President, CM advisor eCommerce solutions for Large Corporates and International, DNB. Until recently he was living and working in Lithuania. In Lithuania, he was a Head of Product Development for the Baltics, DNB

Leif Arne Ulland (Honorary Member)

Mr. Leif Arne Ulland is a professional diplomat with decades of experience as a diplomat representing Norway abroad. In 2011 Mr. Ulland was appointed as an Ambassador to Lithuania. He was working in Vilnius until 2014 before his retirenment.

Tom O. Kleppestø (Chairman)

Mr. Kleppestø is General Manager for Shipping & Offshore Network and Competence Advisor for the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. His professional background includes executive education, talent management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and media. Tom’s interest in Eastern Europe in general and the Baltic States, in particular, arose in his teens.