Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (LNCC) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. The founders of the Chamber are Lithuanian and Norwegian professionals with an interest to strengthen business ties between the two countries.


The Chamber is a forum and network for companies, organizations and private persons interested in strengthening business relations between Lithuania and Norway. In addition, the Chamber aims to enhance the understanding of each others’ business culture, market developments and other socio-economic developments of importance.


The goal of the Chamber is to enable Lithuanian and Norwegian companies to succeed in their business endeavours. We do so through three pillar activities:

  • We want to empower companies through sharing of information and our network as well as to assist companies in their search for new business partners.
  • We want to build a network of engaged companies, organizations and skilled professionals with a desire to develop sound business relations and to strengthen business and cultural relations between Norway and Lithuania.
  • We want to strengthen your expertise through continued knowledge update at our seminars and conferences.

Tom O. Kleppestø (Chairman)

Mr Kleppestø is General Manager for the Maritime Oslofjord Alliance, comprising three maritime and ocean industry associations. His professional background includes executive education, talent management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and media. Tom’s interest in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States arose in his teens. He has been involved with the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights since he was a student at NHH in Bergen starting in 1986.

Simona Simonaviciute (Managing Director, Board Member)

Ms. Simonaviciute is a leader and business owner with experience in the information services industry. She graduated from International University in Lithuania and pursued various leadership positions in Lithuania and UK. Living in Norway since 2011 and is actively involved in building relations between Lithuania and Norway.

Bjørnar Lund (Board Member)

International experience through DNB in Singapore (1997-2001), Poland (Q1 2011) and Lithuania/Baltic (2011-2017). Experience in change management, organizational and cultural change processes in Norway and internationally. Experience in both retail and corporate banking.

Hans Petter Evensen (Board Member)

Mr. Evensen is a Senior Vice President, CM advisor eCommerce solutions for Large Corporates and International, DNB. Until recently he was living and working in Lithuania. In Lithuania, he was a Head of Product Development for the Baltics, DNB

Leif Arne Ulland (Honorary Member)

Mr. Leif Arne Ulland is a professional diplomat with decades of experience as a diplomat representing Norway abroad. In 2011 Mr. Ulland was appointed as an Ambassador to Lithuania. He was working in Vilnius until 2014 before his retirenment.

Gediminas Paulauskas (Board Member)

Mr. Paulauskas is a COO and co-owner of a company named Linjeproff AS. He has 10 years of experience in telecommunications and successful business building in Norway. Living in Norway since 2011.

Martin Bodd (Board Member (leave of absence))

Mr. Bodd is an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania. He has a long experience in entrepreneurship, politics, and communication and has worked in several countries, both in Europe and Africa. Martin runs the company Silama, representing several Lithuanian companies in Norway. As the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania, he sees it as his duty and pleasure to increase the relations between Lithuania and Norway.